donderdag 14 mei 2009

post-tour dip.

I should have kept a blog during tour. I should have made more pictures. I should have listened to my mother. I should have ate my veggies when I was younger. I should have called my sister on her birthday. I should have send out a couple of postcards when i got the chance to. I should have read a book or two. I should have let my friends know that i love them a little more often. I should have done my dishes before i left. I should have done all my laundry by now. I should have brought my earplugs on tour. I should have done so much more i should have done.

Anyway, i'm home now. Suffering from a respiratory system infection. Not feeling too well. I'm on antibiotics. That means lots of rest and no alcohol. Too bad. I've got my birthdayparty coming up this weekend. Well, shit happens. I guess it's my own fault.
Last 2,5 weeks i've been on tour with 2 of my bands. The Hunger and Omission. It was a little more heavy than i expected.
Being around a certain group of people 24/7 for a while does strange things to you. When this group of people suddenly make place for a new group of people it gets even weirder. I won't bother trying to explain this. Don't get me wrong, i had the time of my life. But it sure was heavy.
In the next posts i'll try to write some of my experiences down and post a pic or two.

For what it's worth.