maandag 29 december 2008

home is where the heart aches

Leaving home today. I'm feeling a mix between being stressed out and siked as can be. I picked up our van in Nijmegen, loaded up some stuff, practiced yesterday with the tour lineup (Riekus - Antillectual/Omission handles drums on this tour, Pieter is gonna play guitar since Karst goes to college) and it went very well.
Best friend Sjoerd is tagging along, after he just came home from his 6 month endeavour in Copenhagen. More reason to be stoked!
Franke Visser (crucial attack records) is the 6th man on board, and for the first 4 days, crazy Niels is gonna make every drive a joyride.
I'm packing up/doing dishes/doing laundry and slacking all at once.


dinsdag 23 december 2008

i'm bloggin' out!

Hey. This is my blog. I'll be posting words and images on here whenever i feel the need to. For you, and for myself.  For what it's worth. 

life on the road is pretty fuckin' cool to me

"Tour" starts in a few days. I'm pretty much stoked as can be! We'll be warming up tomorrow and friday with two NL shows in Meppel and Amsterdam. 

check out:

for more info on that!

I hope i can post frequently along the way. Stories involving punkstew, flat tires, fireworks, guitars and overnight drives.