vrijdag 9 januari 2009

donderdag 1 januari 2009


It's 1-1-2009. 4 days into the tour. It's cold as fuck. Riekus turned 25 years old this night, in Zonnebeke Belgium during our set, that was awesome. The show wasn't really what we expected, but turned out OK. Good people with a lot of heart and the guts to help out touring bands on a day like that, nothing but respect. We had an amazing meal.. multiple courses and everything!
The day before we played Messancy, near Luxemborg. The show was pretty good. We played our new song for the first time. I drove to our sleeping place. It was kinda sketchy and slippery. The place was cool. We listened to Church Of Misery and smoked weed.
The first show was in Gent at a spot called The Frontline. We played there before on our first tour. It's a good place and normally the turnout is pretty good. So was tonights. Jonas Holy Shit was our host. Awesome. We got a little weirded out about the fact that he owns a Grandma-porn DVD. It got spinned. It was really nasty. After breakfast some of us played a game of Risk. Niels won, Hylco lost.
The drive to Messancy was kinda short, and we got loads of time so we decided to stop at every single gas-station along the way. We did it. Expect some youtube stuff involving heavy fireworks. Stickin' it to the man!

So far so good. It's sad that it's Niels' last night. He will be missed. It's about showtime and its cold as hell.

What's up 2009?