vrijdag 24 juli 2009


Like it never was before.

how's annie?

I just finished watching everything there is to see about this eerie piece of TV phenomenon. It's absolutely something else. Something worth writing about even. It grabs you by the throat and doesn't let you go until it's finished unleashing all it's tragedy and superstition upon you.
Though the series is fairly old, i never got into it. I don't understand why. Let's not spoil anything. Get into this captivating piece of art, and see for yourselves.


maandag 29 juni 2009


Next wednesday i'll be playing this show. Pretty stoked!!
Check out these bands:


I'm getting a tattoo on this show. Pretty wild. Let's hope i'll survive.

This week is going to be a good week. Tomorrow Henry Rollins' spoken word act in Eindhoven, the day after tomorrow show with Fucked Up, hangouts with friends, thursday and friday i need to record vocals for the upcoming The Hunger 7'' (www.myspace.com/thehunger).

big up yo'selves.


donderdag 14 mei 2009

post-tour dip.

I should have kept a blog during tour. I should have made more pictures. I should have listened to my mother. I should have ate my veggies when I was younger. I should have called my sister on her birthday. I should have send out a couple of postcards when i got the chance to. I should have read a book or two. I should have let my friends know that i love them a little more often. I should have done my dishes before i left. I should have done all my laundry by now. I should have brought my earplugs on tour. I should have done so much more i should have done.

Anyway, i'm home now. Suffering from a respiratory system infection. Not feeling too well. I'm on antibiotics. That means lots of rest and no alcohol. Too bad. I've got my birthdayparty coming up this weekend. Well, shit happens. I guess it's my own fault.
Last 2,5 weeks i've been on tour with 2 of my bands. The Hunger and Omission. It was a little more heavy than i expected.
Being around a certain group of people 24/7 for a while does strange things to you. When this group of people suddenly make place for a new group of people it gets even weirder. I won't bother trying to explain this. Don't get me wrong, i had the time of my life. But it sure was heavy.
In the next posts i'll try to write some of my experiences down and post a pic or two.

For what it's worth.

donderdag 5 maart 2009

how do ya work these pics?

I fucked up last post. Most of the pics got deleted, so i posted most of them in here. They are still scrambled though. I'm still fucking up.

woensdag 25 februari 2009

RNA/Omission UK trip 2009

Last week i did some shows in the UK with my bands Rush'n attack and Omission.
Was looking forward to this trip for weeks.
Looking forward to see friends, to meet new people, to hang around tesco's at 3 in the morning, having a proper english breakfast, sleeping on ferry floors, wander around the Brighton shore and light fireworks, to play shows with Omission in a country we never been before and to get stupid in the van with my friend Karst since i missed him so much on our last tour.
This was our first trip since Omission started playing again, so we wuz siked like a bunch of little kids.

After a quick rehearsel-session the night before we left it was up to me and Riekus to pick up the van somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We left at 6 in the morning. Drove back. loaded up and got ready to go. It was kinda packed. 7 ppl in a six seater, but hey.
First show was in High Wycombe, somewhere northwest from London.
We missed our ferry on the way down, but we could hop on the very next one without extra costs. Sweet.
We had to drive through London-traffic and we were kinda late. Departure holland 6 AM - Arrival british time in Wycombe 8 PM... HELLRIDE.
Show was alright. The turnout could have been better. It's the best pub, the roundabout. They serve veggieburgers with fries and veggie curry's. Awesome.
Our host and promotor was Kieran. Good dude. We stayed over at his parents place wich was huge and we all got proper beds. Before we went to sleep we got a midnight snack and beers. Karst and Maarten couldn't stop showing off there i-phone-apps and i couldn't stop smoking cigarettes.
Pics are scrambled because i don't know how to work this properly!

In the morning we left for Southampton. It was a 1,5 hour drive full of boystoys, hard shoulders, salt & vinegar crisps and bad jokes. Yes. Way too short.
Southampton was awesome. A city full of history. Home of the Titanic, city wall ruins and everything. We met up with Sam and Simon who were kind enough to show us around. We even went to the oldest (!) pub around.
After a little bit we met up with friend and dutchie Tom, who is currently living in London. We chilled. Smoked. Had an awesome meal and left for the venue.
Shitty limits rocked the house.

After the show we went to Sam&Simons place to party 80's style. Killer playlist. The sound system broke down 3 times and there was a fight with the neighbours. Awesome.

We woke up kinda early to be sure we'd see some of Brighton that day. With a good mood and pretty much hungover we left for Brighton.
We got stuck in traffic and got there late, about 3 in the afternoon.
We met up with Rob Camp. Best dude around. Got breakfast (yes, breakfast)
and Brighton amazed me. Again.
The show was at the cowley club. Good venue. Not just your random pub, but a proper-punkrock place.
We did our little thing, loaded up and left for Rob's place. Some of us (Pieter, Rob, Me, Maarten en Chillco) went out for party. It was good. Crazy even.
Had a midnight snack at Market's Diner wich was absolutely fantastic.
See pics.
Bedtime sunday: 6am - Ferry 11 am. Bedtime monday 2am. HELLRIDE!

Why do i love this so much?

EDIT: more pics soon. i fucked up.

more pics


I've been slacking on this. Way too much. But who gives a shit anyways.

Karst goes to college-pics Part III

vrijdag 9 januari 2009

donderdag 1 januari 2009


It's 1-1-2009. 4 days into the tour. It's cold as fuck. Riekus turned 25 years old this night, in Zonnebeke Belgium during our set, that was awesome. The show wasn't really what we expected, but turned out OK. Good people with a lot of heart and the guts to help out touring bands on a day like that, nothing but respect. We had an amazing meal.. multiple courses and everything!
The day before we played Messancy, near Luxemborg. The show was pretty good. We played our new song for the first time. I drove to our sleeping place. It was kinda sketchy and slippery. The place was cool. We listened to Church Of Misery and smoked weed.
The first show was in Gent at a spot called The Frontline. We played there before on our first tour. It's a good place and normally the turnout is pretty good. So was tonights. Jonas Holy Shit was our host. Awesome. We got a little weirded out about the fact that he owns a Grandma-porn DVD. It got spinned. It was really nasty. After breakfast some of us played a game of Risk. Niels won, Hylco lost.
The drive to Messancy was kinda short, and we got loads of time so we decided to stop at every single gas-station along the way. We did it. Expect some youtube stuff involving heavy fireworks. Stickin' it to the man!

So far so good. It's sad that it's Niels' last night. He will be missed. It's about showtime and its cold as hell.

What's up 2009?